hes-so, Haute Ecole Arc
Stephane Gobron
    Specialized in geometric modeling, computer graphics, virtual reality, real-time simulations
    Applied to 3D visualization and reconstruction, 'smart' user interface based on emotional model and serious games
    Current R&D (2015~2018) -- Serious Games: 1. SG4R projet, platform of serious games for nero-rehabilitation. 2. Smart2Fry project, energy savings in the food industry; 3. SG4TMS consortium, Swiss-French academic & industry consortium (InnovARC) on Serious Games helping issues related to health at work. -- eLearling and simulation: 4. Nurses and End of Life, (not yet public) 5. Priority patient and radiotherapy, (not yet public); These projects are still confidential.
    Serious Games for rehabilitation Serious Games for energy savings in the food industry Serious Games for health and work Nurses and End of Life Priority Patient and Radiotherapy

    Recent works (2009~2014) -- Virtual reality applied to virtual crowds specialized in emotion and non-verbal communication
    Multi-avatars 3D-chatting: architecture Avatar-Agent 3D-chatting Asymmetrical facial expressions From sentence to emotion Real-time 3D reconstruction

    Previous works (2003~2009) -- Geometric modeling, cellular automata, and VR: real-time computation and visualization
    [2009] Real-time massive (17 million interactive cells) 3D-CA & multi-material visualization [2008] Real-time hexagonal-CA visualization [2007] Virtual reality industrial project [2007] Virtual reality industrial project, e.g. real-time GPU-based VR planetarium [2006] Cellular network, simulation of natural phenomena, and geometric modeling